L'odissea dei ragazzi

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Compleanno Afghano

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3 shows from the rest of the world, 1 pattern to repeat

In 2011 we started working with a group of boys, who have just arrived alone from far countries. They were landed in Italy after hard journeys. The boys were hosted in Genoa, in two communities for unaccompanied minors asylum seeking. The first dialogue was a conflict of culture, gender and generations. They didn't know what theatre is. At once the reaction was to create a border between "us" and "them": we Europeans and they foreigners, they males and we females (Cargo Theatre is made mostly by women), we adults they boys. Suspicious and angry boys, used to be tricked, abandoned, wounded.

The Boys Odissey was created in 2012 on this basis, but meanwhile has grown in confidence, sympathy, joy to find a common speech, in a bunch of six different languages and cultures. By rage came out energy. By the conflict, the power of the show itself. In theatre the boys found their first work contract. Odyssey is the history of Omero, relived in the skin of those contemporary Ulysses. Journeys, farewell, mournings, loves, wars, revenges, at the end peace. The show went on tour in Italy and Switzerland.

White & Black is played by Emmanuel, one of the boys of Odyssey, today 21 years old, Nigerian, and Irene Serini, an European professional actress. The show was created in 2013, based on real experiences of conflict and confrontation. An occidental woman, androgynous, ironic, full of doubts and possibilities, meets a young African, proud of his manliness and worth, with no many ways to go through in his life, except for those he will conquer with his strength and his mind. These arguments were and still are in the show: God, the relationship between man and woman, the value of life, of water, of money, the continuation of the species. We could debate on these topics all the life long, but who will change his mind? Does it exist a meeting point between black and white? Beauty is in the continuous dialogue, in the imperfection of the quest. National tour 13/14 and 14/15, among which Festival Cassino OFF (L'Unità).

2014: creation of Afghan Birthday (Etica in Atto Prize and Pervocesola Prize), co-written by Ramat Safi, runaway alone from Afghanistan, after being escaped from a Taliban attack, on which his father is dead, and Laura Sicignano. Rama, minor, arrived in Italy after a journey lasted more than one year. He crossed alone Iran, Turkey and Greece. He miraculously landed in Italy, where his adventures didn't stop. What will be his future? "Only God knows", Rama answers. Tour 14/15 and 15/16.

I LIVE IN A JUNGLE, I SLEEP ON THORNS It is the last show, whose script is inspired to the history of a young Pakistani refugee, written by Laura Sicignano with his help.
"I live in a jungle, I sleep on thorns" won the Translation Prize "Antoine Vitez" (Paris) and will soon be translated in French, in German and in Russian. The play has been selected in the review "European Lectures", December 2015, which will took place in Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg.


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