• A project by
    di Laura Sicignano e Valentina Traverso
  • With Sara Cianfriglia, Emmanuel, Kara, Pashupatti, Rahamathollah, Waheedullah, Shahzeb
  • Costumes by Laura Benzi
  • Original music Enzo Monteverde

    The project has already toured many theatres in Italy and we have also been to Switzerland.
    The show can be performed in Italian with subtitles.

    Scilla e Cariddi

  • L'odissea dei ragazzi

    The project consists of a workshop and a performance with a group of young foreign refugees coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Senegal, hosted in two communities in Genova (Italy).
    They arrived in Italy after very difficult trips and without any experience of theatre. Five no professional actors, an Italian actress and an Italian director have worked together, have exchanged cultural diversity and created a great emotional trip, referring to the great original tell of the Mediterranean culture,
    The Odyssey. The project can focus on the performance itself (subtitled) or can be preceded by a workshop of ten days with minor foreign guys seeking political asylum in The host country. A documentary film on the project can be realized by a professional video maker.


    They come to Europe from abroad, from countries under war or pressed by extreme poverty. They were under age, often alone, asking for political asylum. Their trips are real Odysseys and when they arrive they are hosted by local communities that make them literate and help them in finding a job. Nevertheless they have difficulties in fitting in the new environment and their relationship with the hosted country is very challenging. Their human and cultural heritage is rarely considered an opportunity and more often they are marginalized people. Theatre can become a tool of dialogue and inclusion. Through a workshop foreign young people can enrich emotionally, acknowledge the language and costumes of the hosted country, learn how to relate with others, discover personal skills and talent.

    Ancient and current Odyssey

    Teatro Cargo has worked with a group of young refugees under the direction of Laura Sicignano and the Italian actress Sara Cianfriglia. The theme of The Odyssey is significant for these six boys coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria e Senegal since they have faced very difficult trip to come to Italy. The result is a 60 minutes' performance of high emotional impact. The aim has not been to show their personal life, but develop actions and feelings that they have in common with Ulysses, a traveler and a man regretting his native country and his nearest and dearest. The show is very physical and texts have been taken partly from Homer's poem and partly by dialogues developed during rehearsal.


    General objectives are encouraging artists circulation and intercultural dialogue, promote an exchange of ideas between different generations and cultures, awaken new generation about themes like peace, human rights and acceptance of foreign people Specific objectives are create a dialogue between different cultures and nationalities on the theme of a modern migration, set off talents and inner qualities related to theatre, offer job opportunities to these young boys and give them the chance to connect with the society they live in, explain The Odyssey to the audience, create a job model that can be repeated in other circumstances.

    Duration and main activities

    The project can be developed in two ways, either showing the performance (minimum twice), with subtitles or organizing a ten days workshop with young foreign people asking for political asylum in the host country. Workshop should precede the performance and will be leaded by Laura Sicignano (director), Sara Cianfriglia (actress) and some of the protagonists of the show.

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