• By Laura Sicignano and Alessandra Vannucci
  • Directed by Laura Sicignano
  • With Fiammetta Bellone, Sara Cianfranglia, Arianne Comes, Elena Dragonetti, Irene Serini, Raffaella Tagliabue

  • Donne in guerra

    First Prize at the Festival "Les Eurotopiques" in Tourcoing in France.

    A traveling show born on an train. The Second World War seen from six women's sight. The Second War World was a very important event in our history inspiring the ideals which gave life to Europe United. Thanks to the sacrifice of many men and women the main aims that nowadays still are the basis of the European union have been created: the union of economies, people and cultures. During the war the role of women played an important part in the economic, cultural and social life but the memories of their experiences as workers, partisans and deportees have not been told properly. This project wants to remember that only through the memory of what the Second War World was for many women humanity can avoid new wars. Theatre can be the right tool to achieve this aim: the contact actor-public can keep the memory alive and underline woman's point of view about war. 1944. Italian men are at war, women stay and fight to survive. They fight for their dignity, their femininity, for a normal life when everything is at risk. Circumstances are extreme: famine, poverty, danger, coercion, brutality. War becomes an occasion to emancipate. Their short lives make them victorious heroines. The show is suitable for no traditional venues and means to imply a close relationship between actresses and audience. In 2014 Donne in Guerra won the First Prize at the Festival "Les Eurotopiques" in Tourcoing in France. The show can be performed in Italian with French subtitles.