• By Ramat SAFI e Laura SICIGNANO
  • A play by Laura SICIGNANO
  • With Ramat Safi
  • Original music and video, technical assistance by Luca SERRA
  • Lights by Tiziano SCALI
  • Scenography by Laura BENZI
  • Costumes by Maria Grazia BISIO
  • Collaboration director by Sara CIANFRIGLIA
  • Production TEATRO CARGO
    First National novembre 2014, Teatro della Tosse, Genova
    Preview Teatro Cargo
  • Compleanno Afghano

    The text has won two prices for monologues' authors (Premio Etica in Atto and Premio Pervocesola) and will be our new production in 2014.

    It's the true story of Ramat, a young boy who arrived alone to Italy from Afghanistan. He escaped from his country because one night he saw his father been killed by Talibans. He and his mother were wounded. Then he decided to run away facing a long and dangerous journey. It took him more than one year to pass through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Greece. By chance he was stopped by the police in Italy, but he was only 17 years old. He told them his story and he became a refugee; he was hosted in a community with a lot of boys coming from all over the world. It was not easy because he had lost his freedom, even if, for the first time in his life, he learnt to read and write. Now Ramat is 18 years old and he has to find a job and an house. Shall Ramat find the job? Shall he settle down in Italy? Or will he be escaping again and again, looking for something different? Nobody knows. "Only God knows", he says, smiling. The text will be translated in English.

    The show can be performed in Italian with subtitles.