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Teatro Cargo is a theatre company born in 1994 and founded by Laura Sicignano, Laura Benzi, Maria Grazia Bisio.

Since 1999 Teatro Cargo is supported by the Italian Minister of Culture and Heritage and has produced more than 30 shows with national touring. Our theater has existed for nearly twenty years and is characterized by being small, agile, innovative, able to propose projects impacting on the social fabric. If our structure is not rich, it is very versatile, agile and able to face challenges very high, due to the strong motivation of the members of the theater, with a large percentage of women.

The company is very active in research and new drama. Cargo's productions melt traditional theatre and experimental theatre, using a strong emotional and intellectual approach in the plays. Plays are mainly inspired by real life and history, female characters, past and present migrants.

At present Teatro Cargo manage two theatre spaces in Genova. Il TEATRO DEL PONENTE is the main venue, where Teatro Cargo encourage the audience proposing talented Italian productions and innovative companies, as well as its own productions. Since 2010 Teatro Cargo has also managed IL TEATRO DI VILLA GALLIERA, an ancient theatre (XVIII century), where monologues and concerts are programmed. Both venues are well integrated with the local environment and the surrounding territories, in the outskirts of Genova, and Teatro Cargo has always been able to attract audience from the town center as well as the regional inland. We often worked in non-theatrical places, such as trains, industrial sites and floating cranes.

Teatro Cargo has joined two important networks:

and LUDEN - Local Urban Development European Network.

The two main areas where Teatro Cargo mean to invest in the future are female themes and migration and integration projects. Teatro Cargo is interested in developing International coproduction on these subjects.


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