• By Laura Sicignano,
  • Scenography by Laura Benzi
  • Costumes by Maria Grazia Bisio
  • With Irene Serini e Emmanuel Ansan Osaro



    Fondazione Edoardo Garrone

    Produce with collaboration



    L'ODISSEA DEI RAGAZZI has generated other projects on themes such as migration and integration.
    One project is BIANCO&NERO, our new production, with Emmanuel (19, Nigeria), one of the young refugees, and Irene Serini a professional Italian actress.
    Two different worlds meet and confront, two personal experience come closer and collide, one black man and a white women are on stage in their real essence.

    "You can't imagine what's Africa. We couldn't imagine what's Europe" say the young actor. An European woman, androgynous, ironic, anguished and doubtful meet a young African boy, proud of his strength and his own values.
    He might not have many chances, his new lease on life is the one he manages to conquer fighting tooth and nail. The question is how much we can change different rules and opposite points of view, what is acceptable and what is not. We could argue endlessly and probably nobody would move over it. Beauty is in the continuous dialogue, in the shortcoming of research.

    The show can be performed in English or in Italian with subtitles.

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